Ozzy Osbourne Confesses Beatles Obsession And Unique Paul McCartney Dream

Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness himself, recently let his inner fanboy out, spilling the beans on his fascination with The Beatles. In an interview with Metal Hammer, he opened up about his wild dreams involving the iconic band and its legendary members.

The Prince of Darkness has a musical style that stands in stark contrast to the pop-rock sound of The Beatles. Despite the vast differences in their music, Ozzy couldn’t help but fall under the spell of their charm. Their magnetic appeal ignited a fire within him and helped shape the course of his life. One of the Beatles’ songs was so profound for Ozzy that his imagination got fired up.

In his interview, Osbourne the moment that kickstarted his dreams to become a musician and revealed his rather amusing aspirations. The song that inspired this intense fascination was none other than ‘She Loves You,’ which had an impact on Ozzy’s life and career. After hearing the hit, he felt the desire to become a Beatle and even dreamed of Paul McCartney marrying his sister.

Ozzy said:

“The song that made me decide what I want to do in my life was ‘She Loves You’ by The Beatles. I had this blue transistor radio – I remember it like it was yesterday – and I went, ‘F*ck… What is this?’ It was so profound! They just fired my imagination. I wanted to be a Beatle. I wanted Paul McCartney to marry my sister! My bedroom wall was covered in f*cking Beatles pictures.”

It’s great to see that the Prince of Darkness has a soft spot for the Fab Four. His passion for their music shows that no matter what genre you are committed to, you must have come across The Beatles’ music somehow. Maybe not as passionate as Ozzy Osbourne as he genuinely wanted Paul McCartney to marry his sister.