Ozzy Osbourne Admits Black Sabbath Made A Mistake When They Wrote ‘Snowblind’

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne revealed that the band created their song ‘Snowblind’ thinking that it was a great revelation for every band members’ life, however, it turned out otherwise, during an interview with the Rolling Stone about cocaine.

‘Snowblind’ was Black Sabbath’s fourth studio album, ‘Vol. 4’ which was released in September 1972, working title, however, due to the fact that the track is an extremely obvious reference to cocaine which was the band’s drug of choice during that period, the title of the album was altered.

Here is what Ozzy Ozbourne said about the album:

“‘Snowblind’ was one of Black Sabbath’s best-ever albums – although the record company wouldn’t let us keep the title, ‘cos in those days cocaine was a big deal, and they didn’t want the hassle of a controversy. We didn’t argue.”

It is a widely known fact that all of the band members developed an expensive cocaine habit during the making of ‘Vol. 4’ as bassist Geezer Butler once revealed that the money they spent on cocaine was even more expensive than recording the album itself.

Here is what Butler said:

“Whether you can believe him or not, the record cost, I think, $65,000, and the cocaine bill was $75,000.”

During a recent interview, Black Sabbath members opened up about the time when they were living on cocaine during the recording period of ‘Snowblind.’ Ozzy Osbourne revealed that they thought finding cocaine and writing ‘Snowblind’ was the best discovery they ever had at first, however, those times were terrible because of cocaine.

Here is what Osbourne said:

We wrote ‘Snowblind’ because it was the most amazing discovery of our lives. We thought that’s what success was, but it turned out to be our worst enemy. We were headfirst into that shit, and it was terrible.

Now I think to myself, ‘What the fuck was I thinking to think that was a good night out?’ The night never ended. You’d still be going to the next morning.”

You can listen to ‘Snowblind’ below and see the source by clicking here.