Ozzy Osborune’s Bloodcurdling Graveyard Ritual Revealed By Eyewitness

Ozzy Osbourne was spotted dancing among gravestones near Rockfield Studios in the ’70s, and a woman witnessed the incident.

The story surfaced in The Times on May 16. Daughter of Rockfield’s former chef Tiffany Murray recalled how she once woke up to see Osbourne’s strange behavior. Apparently, there was a graveyard nearby, and one night Murray woke up to find Osbourne dancing and howling among the headstones.

She recalled being scared of his dancing:

“He truly scared the living sh*t out of me. Even now, encountering Ozzy Osbourne in a graveyard at night would be the stuff of nightmares.”

Ozzy Made Up For The Incident

Murray wrote a memoir titled ‘My Family and Other Rock Stars’ about her youth at Rockfield. She shared that Ozzy made up for accidentally scaring her as a kid by giving her a van full of toys. She recalled:

“I still have the three little felt hippos, although the eyes are missing. That episode taught me that rock stars have license to do really big wrong things but also the resources for really big sorrys too.”

Similarly, Murray also recalled how Osbourne would sometimes show up at the French windows of Rockfield Studios, firing a shotgun. It’s unclear if he made up for that one, though.