Orianthi Picks Jimi Hendrix As Her Rock God

Jimi Hendrix and his unique playing style introduced a new way of viewing and hearing music, re-coded the guitar language, and opened the instrument and music to a new path of creativity and freedom. It is really hard to find a rocker who is not influenced by Hendrix. Many names have repeatedly referred to the late guitarist as their reason for stepping into music, as a major source of inspiration, and as their main muse while composing songs. Orianthi recently joined BBC Radio 2’s the Rock Show with Johnnie Walker and expressed his admiration for Hendrix by calling him her ‘rock god.’

“Hi, I’m Orianthi, and I’m picking Jimi Hendrix as my rock god,” said Orianthi. “The reason why I’m picking Jimi Hendrix is,” she explained, “because he just really infused rock, blues, fusion, and took us on such a journey and changed the way that of the electric guitar.”

His lyrics were incredible,” she continued, pointing out that although Jimi Hendrix was often referred to as a legendary guitar virtuoso, his lyrics were also noteworthy. “I mean, one amazing lyricist. A lot of people think of Jimi as an incredible guitar player and entertainer. But listen to ‘Angel,’ listen to ‘Little Wing,’ ‘Purple Haze.’ With all these tracks, he took us on a journey, lyrically and musically. And that’s why I am picking Jimi Hendrix as my rock god.”

Like some other musicians in rock history, Orianthi’s father was the driving force behind her passion for music. She played piano at the beginning of her musical journey, but picking up the guitar was a life-changing decision that made her famous and successful.

She played her first stage show for Steve Vai when she was only 15 years old. Her professional career, which started like this, continued by collaborating with notable names such as Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper. The guitarist, who has also built a solo career, released her fifth studio album ‘Rock Candy’ on October 14, 2022.