Noodles Thinks Everybody Mistreated Britney Spears Except For Miley Cyrus

Noodles recently shared why Miley Cyrus was the only one who ‘got’ Britney Spears right in a tweet.

The Offspring guitarist first stated how people had been ‘mistreating’ Spears recently, despite having supported the pop star in her public rally against conservatorship.

The rocker then continued by saying how he felt only Cyrus ‘treated’ Spears right, as he shared the former pop star covering Britney’s 2007 hit ‘Gimme More.’

Noodles’ tweet pointed out:

“Last year everyone was saying, ‘Free Britney.’ Today people are saying ‘She needs help.’ I think most of us have mistreated Britney to some extent. Miley, on the other hand, seems to get her, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Check this out.”

Britney’s ‘conservatorship’ battle ended with her victory in 2021, as a judge granted the pop singer separation from her father, James Spears’ guardianship. The movement ‘Free Britney’ was a reaction to that legal battle, as the public voiced their concerns about James’ ‘control’ over her daughter through social media posts and protests.

However, Britney’s recent social media posts seemed to have raised concern among some users and even led to numerous conspiracies. Still, the guitarist also expressed how Cyrus ‘getting’ Spears in the right way was ‘no coincidence’ as the former Hannah Montana star had also received criticism and backlash because of her lifestyle back in 2013 and even raised concern among her fans recently.