Noodles Comments On Sum 41’s New Release Featuring Offspring Tribute

Sum 41 recently released a music video for their new song, ‘Landmines,’ featuring an Offspring tribute. In a part of the video, a poster of the band is seen. Both the song and the video have been praised by both fans and other rockers, such as Noodles of the Offspring.

Noodles recently shared his reaction to the song on Twitter, but didn’t realize that the newly released music video of the song includes an Offspring tribute. The guitarist’s tweet read:

“This is a great song! Congrats to my friends in Sum 41! You guys knocked it out of the park. Again.”

After a fan noted that Sum 41 featured an Offspring poster in their music video, Noodles replied to the fan, revealing he didn’t notice it:

“I missed that. I’ll look harder the next time I watch it.”

Sum 41’s new song is thought to be from their upcoming album, ‘Heaven and Hell.’ The album will be the band’s 8th studio album and will be the last of their career. With the statement they shared a few months ago, the band announced that they will be disbanding after releasing their album and finishing their tour. There still isn’t a release date for the album.

Below, you can see the music video for ‘Landmines.’