Noel Gallagher Explains Why Oasis’ Plans To Release A Collection Featuring The Beatles Covers Failed

In an interview with the Record Collector Magazine, Oasis‘ songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher talked about the plans to release a best of Oasis collection featuring a couple of The Beatles covers and how and why it fell through after disagreeing with the vocalist Liam Gallagher.

The songwriter Noel Gallager confirmed that the band was originally planning to make a collection of some of the best songs that they have released during the 2000s because even though they were not popular worldwide, the decade was still important as their songs meant a lot to their devoted fans. Along with the best of Oasis songs, a couple of The Beatles covers were to be on the album.

However, Gallagher explained that the plan to release the collection fell through because of a disagreement that occurred between him and his brother Liam Gallagher. Noel also said that the ‘Don’t Stop’ demo they put out last year was supposed to be on the collection along with other unreleased songs.

Upon putting out the ‘Don’t Stop’ demo, younger sibling Liam Gallagher spat on Twitter and said he is missing in the record. It is claimed that Liam was not really happy with the Oasis’ best-of collection and according to Noel the plan fell through because of their agreement. Gallagher also said in the interview that covers of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘It’s All Too Much’ were on the collection.

Here is what Gallagher said during the interview:

“You know that ‘Don’t Stop’ demo we put up? We had planned to do an Oasis best of the 2000s because it’s a period of Oasis that the masses are not interested in but for the actual fans there are some great tunes. With ‘Don’t Stop’ it was like, ‘Well people are fucking floundering, put that out, the fans will love it.’ Well, we did this best of and the bonus disc was gonna be all these unreleased songs.

But, ha, unfortunately, we couldn’t agree on something and it got dropped by the wayside. There was this box in the cupboard under the stairs with all these blank CDs in. I went, ‘Right, today I’m going to fucking take that.’ I’m putting on these CDs and I found a load of old Oasis stuff, like songs I’d never recorded but demoed. I’m going, ‘No fucking way.’

There’s a great version of ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ a punk version, and an amazing version of ‘It’s All Too Much’ we did on the day George died. Johnny Marr’s on it. I’d forgotten all about it. It was just the backing track. Liam hadn’t gotten round to doing the vocals.”

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