Noel Gallagher Admits Secretly Copying Pete Townshend

Noel Gallagher recently sat down with That Pedal Show for an interview and confessed that he once obtained Pete Townshend‘s amp settings in secret while the Who guitarist’s own technician was not around.

As he talked about guitars, amps, and pedals, the former Oasis singer recalled the time he went after his guitar hero:

“I did a thing recently at the Royal Festival Hall for Peter Blake’s 90th birthday. A couple of nights before that, Mesa/Boogie amp turned up from Gibson [Noel gestures to the California Tweed combo in the studio]. The guy came in and said, ‘There’s only two in the UK– one is for you.’

And I get to the festival hall, and there’s one of these amps. Pete Townshend has got the other one. So I said to [my tech], ‘Go and get his settings.’ He had to wait until his tech wasn’t looking to write them down.”

However, Townshend was not the only musician Gallagher tried to take a closer look at his instruments. In the same interview, Noel revealed that he once also had a chance to explore Neil Young’s guitars and amps:

“There’s nothing you can say about him [Neil Young] that’s adequate enough to express what a punk rocker he is, and Oasis were opening up for him. After his soundcheck, me and Gem [Archer, guitarist] just went, ‘Can we get onstage to have a look at his guitars?‘ They were literally all just lying besides his amps. His guitar crew were amazing and just said, ‘Oh yeah, just look at the pedalboard.’ It was like a junk shop of stuff.”

In other news, the rocker has just released his fourth album, ‘Council Skies,’ with High Flying Birds on June 2. Besides the covers from Bob Dylan and John Lennon, Noel Gallagher wrote all the tracks himself. The record races against Foo Fighters’ ‘But Here We Are‘ to take the number 1 spot in the UK.

You can listen to the album below.