Nita Strauss Seems Tired Of People Asking Her About Alice Cooper’s Tour Dates

Alice Cooper‘s successful guitarist Nita Strauss recently shared an Instagram story that made her followers think that she is sick of people asking her about the band’s concert dates. In the story, she also suggested that the fans look it up instead of asking her all the time.

Strauss has been on the rock music scene since 2003, and she was the first female signature artist of Ibanez guitars. She also took her place in Guitar World’s list of ’10 Female Guitar Players You Should Know’ as No. 1 on the list. Moreover, the legendary rockstar Alice Cooper also didn’t miss the opportunity to work with such a talented guitarist. Therefore, he hired her in 2014, and they have been touring together ever since.

Strauss is currently on a USA tour with Cooper for 2021. Recently, in one of her Instagram stories, she made a statement about people asking her about the tour’s stops and dates. As it appears, she is pretty tired of these questions because it is more efficient to check online instead of asking her and waiting for a reply.

Talking about these in her Instagram story, Strauss stated that people should go to Alice Cooper’s website to check out the dates and the cities instead of asking her. She continued to say that even though she knows which cities they will go to, she doesn’t know when.

Here is what she said in the Instagram story about people asking her about show places and dates:

“Just a quick note, guys. Every time I post tour stuff, I always get a lot of questions about when we’re coming to such-and-such city and whatnot. So, if you wanna know if we’re coming to your city on this tour, it’s so much quicker for you guys to just go to the Alice Cooper website. Or swipe up, I have linked it here for you.

That way, you can check out all the tour dates and you won’t have to ask me when we’re coming to Kentucky because I know we’re coming on this tour but I don’t know when. Look it up, the link’s here, swipe on up.”

You can watch her IG story below.