Nita Strauss Says No One Has A Bad Alice Cooper Story

Nita Strauss recently sat down for an interview with the Guitar and made some statements about her former bandmate, Alice Cooper.

Guitarist Nita Strauss, who rocked the stage with the Alice Cooper Band for eight years, continues her music career as a touring guitarist for Demi Lovato. While hitting the road with Lovato, she also released her solo track ‘Summer Storm’ a couple of months ago. Despite having parted ways with the musician, Strauss often makes statements about Alice Cooper and always speaks highly of her former bandmate.

In her previous interviews, the musician repeatedly stated that she has no hard feelings toward Alice Cooper. She has stressed that their separation didn’t affect the relationship between the two and that Cooper supports her decision to try something new and is even proud of her. Strauss also insisted that she and Cooper have not irrevocably parted ways and might reunite in the future.

The young guitarist talked about Alice Cooper in her last interview with the Guitar and again said good words about the rockstar. Stating that no one can have a bad memory of Alice Cooper, Strauss said that he is the nicest person she has ever met. She added that one could never see Cooper being rude to anyone, and he would never make people feel worthless.

Here is what Nita Strauss said about her former bandmate:

“No one has a bad Alice Cooper story. Everyone that’s ever met him says he’s the nicest person in the world. You’re never going to see Alice Cooper throwing a temper tantrum or being rude or making anyone feel unappreciated. I hope I can take that and bring that with me everywhere I go.”

Nita Strauss had previously announced that she was working on a new album and was planning to release it towards the end of this year. She also revealed that this album would be instrumental-dominated like the other solo songs she released, but she will also add vocals to this one. There is no exact information about the release date of the album.

Meanwhile, you can listen to her latest release, ‘Summer Storm,’ on Youtube below.