Nita Strauss Says Fans Will Like The End Result When They Hear Her New Album

The touring guitarist for Alice Cooper along with a successful career as a solo artist, Nita Strauss shared a post on her official Instagram page announcing that she’s nearly done with her upcoming album which fans are going to love according to her, along with revealing how she managed to be more productive than she’s ever been.

As you might remember, Nita Strauss has been working on her upcoming second solo album for a while now and despite his previous album ‘Controlled Chaos’ which was all-instrumental, the upcoming record is going to include vocals from guest musicians as Nita revealed during an interview last month.

 “Actually, I am gonna have some guest vocalists on this one. I’m not gonna do any singing, ’cause I want it to sound good… But I have people much more talented, I think than me doing a couple of guest spots, and then the rest is gonna be instrumental.”

Her fans have been waiting for Nita to reveal a detail about the album and finally, she shared a post on her official Instagram page stating that her upcoming second solo album is almost finished thanks to her ‘social media diet’ as Nita referred to it.

In addition to the exciting news, Nita Strauss also revealed that she limited herself up to 20 minutes per day for all of her social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in order to boost up her productivity, and it paid off according to Nita since she stated that she never felt more productive in her life.

Here is what Strauss said:

“F I N D Y O U R F L O W 🌊

I find that I get my best work done in a quiet flow state when I’m not stopping to post a story or a meme or taking a break to scroll through what other people are doing with their day. So at the beginning of the year, I set up an app time limit on my phone: 20 minutes a day on each social media platform I use– FB, IG, and Twitter.

I’ve needed to bypass that limit a couple of times- less than 5, like when I do an ‘ask a question’ type post and I want to answer a lot of comments. But by and large, I’ve stuck to my ‘social media diet’ – no more mindless scrolling, just purposeful posts when I have something to say- and now I have an album almost finished and I’ve been more productive than ever.

My takeaway from all this: if you have things in life you want to accomplish but you aren’t getting done, figure out what’s holding you back from getting into that beautiful flow state, when you can work without distractions and truly devote your mind to your practice. It might not be social media for you, but we all have something! Once you remove that distraction, you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish.

(Also, write your captions in your phone notes so it doesn’t count against the time haha.)

I’ve missed catching up with everyone a lot- but I think you’re going to like the end result when you hear this album 😏

What’s something you do to get yourself into a flow state and minimize distractions?

📸 Bradley Todd”

You can see the Instagram post here.