Nirvana Producer Tells The Story Of How They Pranked Eddie Vedder And Gene Simmons

Nirvana producer Steve Albini opened up about the time when Nirvana members wanted to prank call KISS bassist Gene Simmons during their recording sessions for their legendary album, ‘In Utero,’ and Albini was the one to call Simmons while pretending he was frontman Kurt Cobain.

As many of you may know, ‘In Utero’ sessions is full of pranks towards other musicians and band members as revealed by Steve Albini during an interview back in May 2020. Albini once unveiled that he prank called Pearl Jam lead vocalist Eddie Vedder and pretended to be longtime David Bowie producer Tony Visconti.

During a recent interview with Cobras & Fire Podcast, Steve Albini was asked about the time when he pranked Eddie Vedder and Albini revealed that it was not the only prank he did, it was just one of them which led the interviewer to crave for more hilarious prank stories.

Here is what Albini said:

“Yeah, there were a couple of prank calls that went down during this session, and that was one of them.”

Apparently, when KISS members wanted Nirvana to be a part of their tribute album, Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved which was released in 1994, however, Nirvana was not into working for their album. Therefore,  band members, once again, came up with a brilliant idea of prank calling Simmons which ended up Steve Albini calling him, as he revealed during the interview.

That prank call allowed Nirvana members to got away from making a KISS tribute record without actually telling them thanks to Albini’s funny excuses as ‘Kurt Cobain.’

Here is what Albini said:

“Gene Simmons. Yeah, he was trying to talk Nirvana into appearing on a KISS tribute album, and they didn’t want to do it. But they didn’t particularly want to talk to Gene Simmons, so they had me call him and pretend to be Kurt.

That was pretty funny. Basically I just sort of bumbled my way through an excuse that would allow them to not do it without having to say they didn’t want to do a KISS tribute record.

I mean, yeah, they were very fun-loving people. I enjoyed that session, they were fun to hang around with, and it was entertaining.”

You can see the source of the interview by clicking here.