Nikki Sixx Reveals That Cheap Trick Is His Number One Influence While Writing Lyrics For Mötley Crüe Songs

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that he’s a huge fan of Cheap Trick and according to him, there isn’t a bad album of theirs at all, furthermore, Sixx stated that the band is his greatest influence and inspiration when it comes to writing music. 

Cheap Trick is a rock band formed in 1973 and the band’s classic lineup consisted of frontman Robin Zander, guitarist Rick Nielsen, bassist Tom Petersson, and drummer Bun E. Carlos, however, just like every other band, they also experienced a few lineup changes throughout years.

The band influenced many musicians and bands thanks to their successful career that spans over four decades including selling more than 20 million albums, live performances more than 3,700 times, and numerous chart-hit albums and singles, such as Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain as he once referred to his  own band as a ‘1990s version of Cheap Trick.’ 

Apparently, Kurt Cobain is not the only musician they had an influence on, recently Nikki Sixx shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing that he’s a fan of Cheap Trick for such a long time and loves every single album of the band as they are all great, according to Sixx.

He also revealed that he draws inspiration from Cheap Trick’s lyrics as a songwriter himself for creating the song for Mötley Crüe, and apparently, the band is his biggest songwriting influence.

Here is what Sixx said:

“As a long-time fan, I can say Cheap Trick never released a bad album. Probably my number 1 songwriting influence……”

You can see the Twitter post below.