Nikki Sixx Gets Evacuated From His House In Maui With His Family

The large bush fire that started in West Maui Tuesday morning has already burned an estimated 1,200 acres in Lahaina. Firefighters warned residents of possible evacuations as they tried to keep the fire contained. Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, who has a house in Maui, tweeted that he got evacuated from his home, so many assumed that he had to evacuate due to the bushfires.

We got evacuated from our house in Maui,” announced Sixx before sharing more details about their current state. He continued, “We made it to a hotel and were safe and sound. I hope everybody gets through this ok.” However, he didn’t give any more details, which worried his fans.

There isn’t actual confirmation about the situation as Maui Emergency Management Agency hasn’t yet ordered a mandatory evacuation. However, there were warnings made for residents living in the upper portions of Launiupoko Subdivision in case the conditions worsened. They asked the residents to be prepared for an evacuation.

Although the Maui Fire Department estimated the fires are 40% contained, this is a developing story for the community as there aren’t any official statements on whether the fires have been completely contained. Fans await to hear why Nikki Sixx evacuated his home and whether it was due to the fire.