Nikki Sixx Admits Initially Refusing The Mötley Crüe Stadium Tour Offer

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee reflected on the band’s newly wrapped up Stadium Tour. Sixx revealed that he was hesitant to accept the tour offer in the first place.

Mötley Crüe released their last studio album featuring original material, ‘Saints of Los Angeles,’ in 2008. After years of inactivity in producing, the band prepared four new songs for the soundtrack of their biopic, ‘The Dirt,’ in 2019. Later, after a few delays, Crüe started the Stadium Tour on June 16, 2022, as co-headliners with Def Leppard, which became their first extensive tour in seven years.

The long-awaited Stadium Tour was recently completed with a final show on September 9, 2022, at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Speaking of their last major tour, Nikki Sixx revealed that although they thought they were done with touring after all these years, it all went fantastic, and they felt thrilled to do it. The bassist also said they had initially rejected it when they first received the touring offer.

Both Sixx and Tommy Lee were occupied with other projects when the management called them, so they said no. They were pretty sure that their touring days were over. They had a good friendship and were always in touch, but touring seemed like a lot of work. Later, Nikki called the drummer and convinced him to embark on a big tour despite their initial reluctance.

Nikki Sixx said the following about the Stadium Tour:

“Tommy does other stuff, and I do other stuff, and I remember getting the phone call from management, and I was like, ‘No.’ And they go, ‘You haven’t even heard what I have to say.'”

Tommy Lee added:

“We were done. We were done.”

Sixx continued:

“And we were friends, and we were fine, and everything’s good. We’re just like, ‘No, it’s a lot of work.’ When you see the show out there, you’re going to go, ‘Wow.’ I mean, it’s years of work putting it together, and then they were like, ‘No, not eight arenas, eight stadiums,’ and I was like, ‘Let me call Tommy.’

I was like, ‘Hey, dude, they’re talking about us touring,’ and he’s like, ‘No.’ Because we wanted to be — stand by what we said, and then it was 16 and 36, which we just entered our 36th stadium, and there’s, what, another 120 next year and the year after that, so, we’re grateful we said yes.”

During the same interview, Nikki Sixx also gave a clue about Mötley Crüe’s future plans. The bassist revealed they would be back on the stage for more shows next year. Besides 2023, the band is also planning to do other gigs in 2024.