Nicko McBrain On Why He Came Clean About His Health Condition

Speaking to journalist Alexander Milas in the new issue of Metal Hammer, Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain explained his decision to be open about his health issues.

The drummer revealed in August that he had suffered a minor stroke seven months earlier, which resulted in paralysis of his right side from the shoulder down. In the interview, he went into detail about the impact of the ministroke and his journey to recovery. Then, when asked whether it felt like a relief to disclose his condition over the summer publicly, McBrain responded:

“I felt they deserved to know why I wasn’t giving it 100%, and that was my primary reason. The secondary reason was that if I can help one person as an example of my striving to get better, then it’s worth doing, so it was kind of a double-barrelled thing for me to let the fans know and help someone say, ‘Well if Nick can do it, I can do it. He had 13 weeks of recovery, and he’s ended up doing a tour of Europe!'”

Support From The Iron Maiden Family

The musician also remarked on the strong support he received from his Iron Maiden band members, particularly bassist Steve Harris, during his recovery. He explained:

“Through all this period of time I was in touch with Steve, obviously all the guys, and I’d have a bit of a chat with them on the phone, and they were all very, very encouraging, and none more so than Steve. He said, ‘Look, the most important thing is that you get well and work on getting yourself together.'”

Sharing His Health Journey With Fans

McBrain shared a video to speak with his fans regarding the health challenges he encountered earlier in the year, and he included the following message in the caption:

“Hello Boys and Girls, I hope this message finds you all well! The reason I’m writing to you all today is to let you know of a very serious health problem that I have been through. In January I had a stroke, thank the Lord, it was a minor one referred to as a TIA.”

Nicko also explained that the TIA caused paralysis on the right side of his body from his shoulder downwards. He was concerned it might end his career, but thanks to the support from his wife Rebecca, his family, doctors, his occupational therapist Julie, and his Iron Maiden bandmates, he was able to recover to about 70%.