Nick Mason Avoids Clarifying David Gilmour’s Contribution To Roger Waters’ Bass Parts

In the music world, rumors never end. There are also many about Pink Floyd, and some hardcore fans believe David Gilmour played bass in half of the band’s songs. While some consider this an exaggeration, those who think so are not few. Recently speaking to Goldmine, the band’s drummer Nick Mason responded to the enduring rumors yet hesitated to give a clear answer.

“It’s not my recollection,” Mason said when asked whether Gilmour had played the distinctive bass lines in most of the records instead of Roger Waters. “It may be true, but not that I remember, no. I don’t know where that rumor came from; it could be that David spent some time working out the parts, and then Roger played it, or Roger worked out the parts, and David played it.”

It was clear that Nick Mason regarded it as a provocative question as he added, “I don’t remember. And if I did remember, I probably wouldn’t tell you.” So, the musician avoided clarifying the rumors admitting that he wouldn’t do so even if he knew who had played the most bass parts.

While we know that David Gilmour handled the bass part in several Pink Floyd songs like ‘Fat Old Sun,’ ‘Pigs (Three Different Ones)’ and ‘Sheep,’ we don’t have further information about his bass duties. In the debate, some fans have sided with Waters and claimed that his contribution to the band’s sound is undebatable. So, they don’t care much about whether he played all the bass parts.