Neil Young Reacts To His Song Being Featured In An NFL Advert

CSNY‘s Neil Young recently posted a photo on his Instagram to reveal his reaction to the NFL Advert, which features a cover of his song.

In January 2021, Neil Young sold 50 percent of his song catalog‘s worldwide copyright and income interests to Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited, a fund that has been buying music rights. Although Neil Young was assured that they would respect his views about how his songs would be used, it seems like things recently went wrong.

Neil Young’s ‘Old Man’ was released as a single from the ‘Harvest’ album in the spring of 1972 and quickly achieved chart success. Young wrote the song in honor of Broken Arrow Ranch, where he lived until 2014. The song recently resurfaced after the Beck version appeared in an NBC Sports advert during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Kansas City Chiefs NFL game on September 25.

After the NBC Sports advert, the cover was also released on streaming services. Neil Young recently came across the commercial placement of ‘Old Man’ and decided to express his frustration over this. The musician took to his Instagram and shared a screenshot from the anti-sponsorship video of his 1988 song ‘This Note’s For You.’ In the picture, Neil holds a bottle labeled ‘Sponsored By Nobody.’

‘This Note’s For You’ explored and criticized commercialism in the music scene, and its title was inspired by the Budweiser ad campaign ‘This Bud’s for you.’ In the music video for the song, Young parodied musicians who allowed their music to be used in advertising. Apparently, Young’s stance about using his songs in commercials is pretty straightforward, and he isn’t pleased to see his ‘Old Man’ in the NFL advert.

You can see Neil Young’s Instagram post and listen to Beck’s cover of ‘Old Man’ below.

Photo Credit: Neil Young – Instagram