Neal Schon Says The Former Management Didn’t Want Journey To Perform Abroad


Journey guitarist Neal Schon recently appeared in an interview with Igor Miranda and revealed that they did not take the stage abroad much because the old management did not want them to do.

The band gave hints about their upcoming record by releasing the single ‘The Way We Used To Be’ in 2021. Later, the studio album ‘Freedom’ came out on July 8, 2022, and it became their first album ten years after the fourteenth one, ‘Eclipse.’ It is the band’s longest album with fifteen songs and a run time of one hour and thirteen minutes. The album also features the bassist Randy Jackson for the first time following Ross Valory’s departure.

Then, the members announced their Freedom Tour, in which Billy Idol would be there as one of the opening acts in North America. However, the audience was informed that Idol could not make his appearance due to a sinus infection and Journey would hit the road for their tour with Toto.

As the tour, which began on February 22 in Pittsburgh, is currently going on, the fans are curious about the upcoming shows. During a recent interview, Neal Schon detailed some issues with their former manager when he was asked why they did not make more appearances in Brazil. The guitarist revealed that he was the one who suggested Toto replace Billy Idol for this tour, and he already knew that it would be a massive event with Toto.

According to him, as they were more extensive in the US, the management was concerned about whether their tickets would be sold abroad as it was their first time arranging such a large organization. Although Schon knew that the band had reached a large audience outside the US, the management team was worried about not earning enough money. However, the rocker gave good news mentioning they would perform in South America, Brazil, and Europe the following year.

Neal Schon said the following when asked why they did not go to Brazil again:

“I suggested bringing Toto with us because I’ve been long great friends with Steve Lukather. We had done some shows together way back in the ‘80s with Santana, Journey, and Toto. Musically I think it’s completely compatible with Journey. I felt it would be very much the same type of audience, and it was met with a little resistance than they believed in when Billy Idol was canceled. I said, ‘I’m telling you. Grab Toto. It’s going to be good.’ So, we did, and Steve was very happy to come on with the band as they were planning on doing theatres. He had a theatre tour booked as they played more, I think, in Europe and abroad than they have in the United States.

We were bigger in the United States, and I just felt like they were worried about ticket sales because it was the first time we were doing bigger places. They were worried, and I said, ‘Don’t worry about it. I’m telling you we are very strong. We’re going to sell out no matter who we bring on the Bill, but I know musically compatibly it’s going to be one of the best shows that our audience is ever going to see with Journey.’ I turned out to be correct, and it went so well that now we’re going to do another 40 shows in the United States starting out at the beginning of the next year with Toto.

Then we plan on going abroad with Toto. I’ve not seen all the dates, but we’re talking about South America, we’re talking about Brazil, we’re talking about everywhere and Europe. It’s exciting times, and I think we’re going to find out that we’re much stronger abroad as well as we’ve never known in the past because management really didn’t want us going over there because they don’t make enough money. They have to split it with other promoters, all kinds of politics.”

You can check out the interview below.