Neal Schon Reacts To Steve Perry’s Journey Cover

The Effect’s cover of Journey’s ‘It Could Have Been You’ came out this week. The new rock band collaborated with Steve Perry for the song, but Neal Schon didn’t sound too impressed with their version. He recently wrote on X:

“I was expecting to hear more of Steve mainly because of all the hype.”

Fans Agree With The Guitarist’s Point

Fans were also bothered that Perry’s voice was in the background throughout the cover. Someone commented under the Journey guitarist’s post:

“He’s buried way deep in the mix…”

A fan explained:

“Me too! We (as a family) love The Effect, but I wouldn’t have known Steve was singing on it if I had just listened without knowing that. I thought he’d take a verse as lead or something like that. I do like this version though.”

Perry’s Collaboration With The New Band

The Effect featured Steve Lukather’s son Trev Lukather on guitar, Phil Collins’ son Nic Collins on drums, Toto’s keyboardist Steve Maggiora, and vocalist Emmett Stang. The group already released three singles: ‘Unwanted,’ ‘Something Wrong,’ and ‘Toxic Envy.’

Lukather announced the new track by sharing:

“The idea came up about The Effect doing our own version of it. I asked Steve if he would sing on it and he was in. Even though we were done with our album, it was just too good of an idea to pass up. Any chance to work with my dear brotha Steve is one I’ll happily take.”

The band’s debut album will come out in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, you can check out their version of ‘It Could Have Been You’ below.