Neal Schon On His Method To Avoid Conflicts In Journey


In a recent interview with the White Line Fever podcast, the Journey guitarist Neal Schon talked about how he navigated his relationship with Jonathan Cain and separated their music from politics.

Journey released their fifteenth album, ‘Freedom’ on July 8, 2022. This album hit the streaming platforms eleven years after their last record, ‘Eclipse,’ was released in 2011. The full-length album is the longest Journey album, with fifteen songs. After Ross Valory’s time with the band ended, Randy Jackson took his place and was involved in the album’s creation process.

Prior to their eleventh studio album, Journey hit the road with Toto for a tour from February 22 to May 11, 2022. The tour was a massive hit among fans. Shortly afterward, Schon revealed that he was considering going on tour again with Def Leppard in 2024. Neal Schon recently talked about the dynamics within Journey and how they manage to stay together despite their differing opinions on politics and social issues.

As you may recall, Neal Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain’s relationship got strained in 2018 after the two had a public feud over their views on politics. Since this issue had caused turmoil with the band a few years ago, the interviewer was curious about how they managed to navigate their relationship and prioritize their music.

Schon stated that everybody is entitled to their opinion, and nobody can force anyone to think in a certain way. Neal Schon added that he likes to keep his political views private and stressed that he doesn’t want to mix politics with music. According to him, music is a universal language that helps you enjoy yourself no matter your beliefs.

Neal Schon’s thoughts about politics and music:

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion or what they think is correct for themselves. None of us ever agree, not just Jon but many other people I know. So I keep my political views to myself.

Even years back, I have made it very clear that I’m afraid I have to disagree with mixing politics with music or religion. Music is for everyone of every religion. If you’re a Democrat, Republican, whatever. It’s music; it’s for the world. So you have to leave it alone. I do nothing but write music with Jon. That’s it.”

Overall, Schon, Cain, and the rest of Journey seem to be getting along well these days. The release of their latest album, the last tour they put together, and even the talks about a possible tour with Def Leppard prove to their fans that they are here to stay.