Neal Schon Names The Journey Song That Proved His Chemistry With Steve Perry

Journey guitarist Neal Schon recently appeared in an interview with Guitar World and opened up about how they discovered their chemistry with Steve Perry while creating a song.

The band was established in 1973 in San Francisco with the support of the manager Herbie Herbert. They initially released the self-titled debut album in 1975. Subsequently, the band entered the studio to release ‘Look into the Future,’ and it debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 100.

They achieved a more commercial sound with their following record, ‘Next.’ It ranked number 85 on the Billboard 200; however, it could not reach significant sales. Thus, they changed their music style to improve sales and wanted to hire a frontman to share vocal duties with Gregg Rolie.

The band initially hired Robert Fleischman and embraced a more popular style in their sound. Fleischman hit the road with the band for their 1977 tour during which they opened for Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. He wrote the songs like ‘Wheel in the Sky’ but quit following some disputes with their manager. Steve Perry, whom the band was introduced during that tour, replaced Fleischman as the new lead.

Recently, Neal Schon revealed in an interview that ‘Patiently’ was the first song he wrote with Steve Perry while they were on tour. He stated that their manager wanted them to create something together to understand whether they had a ‘chemistry’ on making a piece. When Schon started to play, Perry immediately grabbed the notes and began singing. The guitarist noted that they completed the song in a short time and realized the instant harmony between them.

Neal Schon said the following while opening up the 1978 song ‘Patiently’:

“The first song I wrote with Steve Perry. I believe we were on tour with Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I had an acoustic in my room, and I had these chords, the verse chords, and our manager at the time, Herbie Herbert, wanted Steve and me to get together to see if there was any chemistry before he joined the band.

I recall sitting in the room; I was playing him the core changes, and he just started singing to it. I guess he had some lyrics that just kind of fit the song. I think we knocked it out in about half an hour. I was like, ‘I guess we have writing chemistry!’

You can listen to the song below.