Neal Schon Has No Intention To Let Steve Perry Make Money Off His Work With Journey

Journey’s relationship with former vocalist Steve Perry has been complicated for decades. It could be described as a ‘love-hate’ relationship, and some controversies affect the current dynamics. Recently, the band’s guitarist Neal Schon addressed Perry’s ‘manipulation’ over Journey’s name and merchandise via Twitter as the musician stated he wouldn’t let his former bandmate profit off his fifty-year work.

Steve Perry has been legally battling with his former band for years. The musician had previously filed a lawsuit to secure his rights and songwriting credits over Journey’s hit songs. The legal battle has negatively impacted the band members, and Neal Schon has made several claims through his social media.

Schon had claimed that the name ‘Journey’ was trademarked in 2005 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The name was also approved to be featured on the merchandise in 2020. He cited the U.S. Trademark Office’s official website as the source and encouraged anyone to verify his claims.

The guitarist’s tweet stated:

“Here’s the facts: The trademark ‘Journey’ for music was trademarked in 2005 (U.S. Serial Number 78777185). The trademark ‘Journey’ for merchandise was trademarked in 2020 (U.S. Serial Number 90172605). The U.S. Trademark Office website, use it to verify this info.”

Schon then mentioned that to him, the matter was about respect. The musician emphasized that he had been with Journey throughout the band’s five-decade-long career. Then, he answered fans who asked him about his ‘trademark’ statements and stated that the issue wasn’t entirely about the money but about music.

The musician explained that the matter has always been about music and musical rights, but that one had to be a ‘total moronic idiot‘ to let others manipulate and profit off Journey’s billion dollars worth of trademark and merchandise. Even though Schon didn’t name Perry, it was apparent that he was addressing his lawsuit.

The Journey musician’s tweet explained the following:

“To me, it’s about respect. Respect the fact of who’s been there for ‘all’ of the 50 years.

It’s always been about the music, but you have to be a total moronic idiot to allow others to manipulate and make billions of dollars off your work.”

You can check out Neal Schon’s tweets below.