Neal Schon Exposes Eric Clapton’s Disrespect To His Wife

Neal Schon recently took to Instagram to share a few snippets of his recent performance with Carlos Santana in Las Vegas. However, the rocker also shared with fans that he will no longer be a part of the Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival.

Schon first thanked Carlos and wrote:

“[We] had a great time hanging and playing with Carlos and Cindy Santana last night in Vegas. Thanks to the rest of the band and crew.”

Neal, then went into detail of why he had to back out of the festival. The guitarist revealed the disrespect he was shown by Clapton’s team towards his wife. He explained:

“It’s too bad that things did not work out. I’ve now bailed on EC Crossroads festival. I was initially invited by Carlos to play with him. I went to Vegas and rehearsed and played live Wednesday in preparation for the festival. Then Carlos’ manager Michael V told me the next day that Eric’s people made a rule that my wife [Michaele Schon] could not be back stage with me and would have to go in audience.”

The rocker added that he would not be making an exception for the festival by not bringing Michaele back stage. He expressed:

“After she was assaulted by a Live Nation security gaurd and basically targeted I would never subject her to be harmed again ever. She been by my side for every single show for 15 years now so I’m regrettably not going.”

Schon also pointed out that he’s done everything to be a part of the festival by saying:

“The 2nd time I’ve been f*cked to see Eric since last he played in LA at my ex managers place the Forum. We would have been honored and happy to donate my time as well and an instrument to donate and auction off. Just know I tried Eric.”

You can see Neal Schon’s Instagram post below and find more information about the Crossroads Festival here.

Photo Credit: Neal Schon – Instagram
Photo Credit: Neal Schon – Instagram