Neal Schon Compares David Lee Roth To Sammy Hagar

Even though Van Halen already disbanded two years ago, the band’s two former frontmen, David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, still cannot escape the comparisons regarding their styles of performances with the iconic act. Journey guitarist Neal Schon also stepped into the debate with a comment on Facebook over recent news about the two singers.

Lol wow, okay, I’ll weigh in here,” Schon wrote over the news of Sammy Hagar’s thoughts on David Lee Roth-era Van Halen songs. “Loved them since the beginning as we were on tour with VH on our Infinity Tour and their first tour. With Dave, it wasn’t really about singing; it was a circus showman. Yes, Sam can sing, altogether a different vibe, but I dug both.”

In their first concert tour in 1978, Van Halen opened for Journey on their North American leg, so Neal Schon had a chance to watch the band perform live in the DLR era. While the musician thinks that Diamond Dave stood out with his high energy and incredible showmanship, Sammy Hagar also brought a breath of fresh air to the band with his singing style. Considering his words, Schon enjoyed both respective eras of Van Halen.

The Journey guitarist’s comments on the two singers were actually linked to Hagar’s recent statements on David Lee Roth’s Van Halen songs. As you’ve probably heard, rumors have been circulating about a possible VH reunion show for several months following Jason Newsted’s comments on the issue.

Speaking to Growth TV, the Red Rocker said he would gladly be involved in the reunion shows if Van Halen contacted him. Then, Sammy Hagar also addressed DLR’s unfriendly nature and the problems with the remaining members and added that he found the Roth-era songs easy to sing, so he was okay with the idea. These words of Hagar apparently caught Neal Schon’s attention, leading him to share his opinions on the different vibes both frontmen had brought to Van Halen.