Neal Schon Accuses Cruise To The Edge Of Stealing Journey’s ‘Escape’ Art

In the music industry, rip-offs are more common than most people realize. While copyright claims exist to avoid such situations, it doesn’t stop people from stealing other artists’ work. Neal Schon, who has fought to preserve Journey’s work several times over the years, is confused by the recent Cruise to the Edge festival’s new poster as it seems pretty similar to the cover art of the band’s seventh album’ Escape.’

The Cruise to the Edge festival takes place on a ship with prog fans that come to see more than three dozen of their favorite bands play. After the success of CTTE22, the festival announced to fans that the event would be back in 2024 with a poster that greatly resembles Journey’s ‘Escapealbum cover art.

Schon took to Twitter to share his discomfort with his fans and wrote, “F*ck this – it’s coming down as I didn’t fight like hell to be ripped off again.” Then, the musician continued to share his thoughts about the situation and said, “What the f*ck do people think? That you’re not going to see this? It’s a blatant rip-off.”

Several fans also replied to Schon, agreeing that if the poster didn’t have Cruise to the Edge written in big letters, they would have thought it was a Journey tour promo poster. Fans were also in the same boat as Schon and shared his aggravation with the Cruise for using Journey’s art and claiming it as their own without asking for the band’s permission.