Myles Kennedy Recalls How Nirvana Killed The Guitar Music And Changed Everything


Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy spoke in a recent interview with Metal Wani and opened up about how Nirvana changed his mind about the guitars in rock/metal music.

In the conversation, Myles pointed out that the guitar riffs are repeating themselves in the ‘80s and said that the guitar sounds were dead in that period for the rock scene.

While he was saying that ‘80s rock was running out of the options with the guitar sound, Myles also admitted that he was also kind of burned out of it even though he likes the guitar sound.

However, Nirvana came out in the next decade and changed the whole music industry with their refreshing guitar sounds since the beginning of their debut album, which features their most-known song Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Interviewer asked:

“It sounds like you just love every single note you’re playing on this record. You said you rediscovered your love for playing lead guitar in the last few years. Did you fall out of love with it, was it just kind of an oversaturation from touring, writing, and performing? How did that happen?”

Here is what Myles Kennedy said:

“Well, it actually happened a really long time ago. It’s interesting. I’m gonna sound like I’ve been doing this since the prehistoric times but I started playing in the mid-’80s, and we did have color TV back then, but yeah…

So that was a thing, that was cool, and it was fun. Then a record came out and changed everything, it was the Nirvana record, and suddenly, the guitar was just dead. So I started to kind of shift away even though I loved it.

I was kind of burned out with it as well, there was just too much of it. ’80s rock had gotten to a point where it was just kind of run out of options, and so it was a refreshing change with the whole movement that came about in the ’90s. And I really focused for the next almost 20 years on songwriting, that was my thing, that’s what I wanted to really develop.”

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