Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Reacts To The Recent Victory Of Animal Rights Groups


With the efforts of Peta raising awareness towards the exploitation of animals, French luxury fashion group Kering announced that they will stop using furs in their brands, including Saint Laurent. Mötley Crüe’s drummer Tommy Lee celebrated this announcement on his Twitter account.

The abuse of animals and the unethical exploitation of their bodies has become a huge topic of controversy among millennials and Generation Z in the 21st century. More and more activists started to emerge to ban cruel practices, such as testing on animals and wearing their skin under the concept of ‘fashion.’

Tommy Lee also considered this topic and raised awareness on animal rights through his Twitter account, and invited his fans to take action to prevent the unethical exploitation of animals. He took a stand with the Peta organization and reached a successful result when Kering announced that they have stopped using real fur in their products in all of their brands, including Saint Laurent.

Here is the first tweet Lee invited people to take action with him on September 7:

“Peta sent me this leaked ‘sex tape’ that the meat industry doesn’t want us to see. Workers at ‘humane’ farms that supply to Harris Teeter and Wegmans were sexually abusing turkeys & kicking them around like footballs. Take action with me!”

And he celebrated the freedom of animals with this tweet recently:

“Good news day for animals! By Peta. Kering has announced that it is officially ending fur sales across all its brands—including the group’s remaining fur-selling holdouts, Saint Laurent and Brioni—starting with the fall 2022 collections.”

Considering Lee’s Instagram posts on the environment, the drummer is now trying to raise awareness by sharing examples of animal exploitation around him. His posts on Instagram consist of his love for his plants and bonsais. On his Twitter, he shows more activism towards environmental issues such as the draught of America and how to avoid it.

His fans do not only follow him just for his music since now, they can also learn about being more environmentally friendly and how to live a more sustainable life by not purchasing items from brands that test on animals or exploit their bodies in other ways.

You can see Tommy Lee’s tweets below.