Mötley Crüe Announces Vince Neil Is Released From Hospital

After the sad accident Vince Neil had during a show for the Monsters On The Mountain Festival in Tennessee, his band Mötley Crüe recently announced that Neil is released from the hospital.

Vince Neil has been strictly observed by his fans and Crüe bandmates for a while. Especially the fans have been carefully observing Neil’s performances on and off stage after he couldn’t sing in May and left the stage. The singer was also having some health problems related to his weight. Therefore, he posted workout videos on Instagram to ensure his fans that he was getting back into shape.

Neil and his solo band were in the Monsters On The Mountain Festival’s lineup along with Night Ranger, Tesla, Great White, and John Corabi. In the Tenessee concert, he fell off stage yet continued to perform until he was rushed to the hospital. Eddie Trunk had posted an update about his condition, and apparently, the singer got an X-Ray and was staying in the hospital.

There wasn’t any more news until Mötley Crüe posted an update on Twitter. The band’s tweet stated that Vince Neil was back home and resting. Therefore, it appears that he will recover and perform with the band during their 2022 tour.

Here is Mötley Crüe’s tweet:

“Vince is back home and resting after breaking a few ribs on Friday night. Our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery and ready to rock in ’22!”

Before the incident in Tenessee, Neil was singing and performing perfectly. This seemed to have satisfied his fans after his disappointing performances. However, Neil is now pushed back off stage after the accident and is hoping to recover until Mötley Crüe goes on tour in 2022.

While there were a lot of ‘get well soon’ wishes, the fans also argued about whether or not he was drunk again or if his weight was the reason for the accident. The singer had been battling with addiction for years, but during the performance, he was sober. Therefore, the fall seems to be purely accidental.

You can see the tweet below.