Morrissey Addresses Miley Cyrus Pulling Out From Collab, ‘It Has Been Torture’

Morrissey recently sat down with FOX 5 New York and spoke about Miley Cyrus exiting their collaboration, calling the situation ‘torturous.’

When asked whether new music from him is on the way, the former Smiths frontman replied:

“This album [‘Bonfire of Teenagers’] was recorded in January 2021, and Capital signed it and didn’t release it, but they’re now prepared to give it back to me for a certain price. It’s been quite traumatic and quite sad because when you record something, you want it to be available immediately. I mean, it was very much of the time for me. It was a very personal thing, and the fact that it hasn’t been released has been torture.”

Then, the host wanted to learn when the audience might get to hear the record, and Morrissey said:

“I’ve got no idea. It really depends on when they’ll give it back to me and how long it takes and all that nonsense.”

The vocalist was also asked about the Miley Cyrus collaboration in a later part of the conversation. He noted in his response:

“She doesn’t want to be on it now. She doesn’t want to. I didn’t ask her. She came in, and she sang, and she sang magnificently, but her manager doesn’t want her on it now, which is a shame because she sang so beautifully on the track.”

When the host said that maybe Cyrus might reconsider it, Morrissey explained:

“I don’t think so [laughing]. I don’t think you can [convince her] because it’s been two years, and I think she would have made up her mind by now.”

In 2020, Miley sang backup vocals for the song ‘I Am Veronica.’ After Morrissey left Capitol Records in December 2022, he said that Cyrus wanted her backing vocals taken out of the song. There were rumors that this happened because of Morrissey’s political beliefs, but the singer later denied it.

You can watch the rest of the chat below.