Mike Shinoda Says Genre Means Nothing Anymore While Sharing Opinions On Genre-Blending

In a recent conversation with Anthony Fantano, Linkin Park star Mike Shinoda expressed his opinions on genre-blending and suggested that the genres in music don’t have any meaning anymore.

As you might know, in 1996, Mike Shinoda co-founded the iconic band Linkin Park along with his high school friends, Rob Bourdon and Brad Delson. Later in 1999, the band recruited the talented vocalist Chester Bennington and only a year later, they released their legendary debut studio album, ‘Hybrid Theory.’

Following the tragic death of Bennington, Mike Shinoda focused on his various solo projects. Lately, during the pandemic, Mike has been using different platforms to reach out to the fans. Apart from the live events he organized on Instagram, the multitalented musician has been making live streaming via the application called Twitch.

During the live streaming, Mike also creates some new music with contributions from the fans while streaming live. Most recently, on February 19th, Shinoda released a new song titled ‘Happy Endings,’ which was a collaboration with rapper Iann Dior and singer/songwriter Upsahl.

Recently, Mike Shinoda joined a conversation with Anthony Fantano and talked about genre-blending and bending in music. During the interview, Mike stated that there was a point in music that the genre meant quite a lot, yet he suggested that now genre means nothing. He further mentioned that he doesn’t care at all about the genre thing since he simply likes listening to music based on his mood.

Here is what Mike Shinoda stated about the genre in music:

“Anyway, the point is I don’t want to go down this weird music critic genre thing. What you had asked earlier was how do I relate to genre-blending and bending in music now.

There was a point at which genre meant a lot, and now genre means nothing. If you start talking about genre, that’s why I get frustrated with what we were just talking about, it’s because I don’t actually care. I don’t really care at all about what genre a thing is, I just want to listen to what I want to listen to based on my mood.”

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