Mike Shinoda Reacts To An Interviewer Who Didn’t Recognize Him

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda posted a tweet on his Twitter account to show his reaction to an interviewer who didn’t realize she was interviewing the Linkin Park icon.

Apart from his musical career, Mike Shinoda is a gaming enthusiast. As a musician, he composed a score for the video game Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, but his interest in games isn’t limited to composing scores. In fact, Shinoda plays video games on his Twitch, and he is a fan of first-person shooters and role-playing games.

Recently, Mike Shinoda made an appearance at the Global Premiere event at Riot’s Arcane. Hosted by Riot Games, the event is promoting their animated series ‘Arcane.’ At some point during the event, Shinoda joined an interview with Ovilee May to express his excitement. However, something entertaining happened during the interview.

While speaking with Mike Shinoda, the interviewer Ovilee May didn’t recognize the musician. Until Shinoda introduced himself, May continued speaking with him and asking questions to him. Upon realizing she was talking to Shinoda, she felt embarrassed and shocked at the same time.

In a recent tweet, Ovilee May shared this incident with her followers by posting a screenshot of a Reddit post. She then expressed her thoughts on the embarrassing incident by using the lyrics of Linkin Park’s ‘In The End.’ Following that, May included a video clip of that moment in the following tweet.

Upon seeing that, Mike Shinoda posted a tweet as a response to May to express his thoughts on what happened that day. In the tweet, Shinoda showed kindness by saying it was nice to meet her. After his polite reaction, some of his fans asked Shinoda to invite May to one of his Twitch streams.

Ovilee May’s tweet read:

“But in the end… it doesn’t even matter.”

After seeing the clip, Mike Shinoda said:

“It was nice to meet you, Poor Interviewer.”

Below, you can check out the tweets as well as the video clip of the incident.