Mike Shinoda Explains Chester Bennington’s Capability To Fulfill His Vision

In a recent interview with Audacy Music, Mike Shinoda discussed his career and the songs he wrote for Linkin Park albums and other projects. He explained how his ability to produce pieces for different artists developed and why it was so important to him, citing his experience working with Chester Bennington.

Shinoda, who has contributed to creating many Linkin Park songs, has also co-written Demi Lovato‘s new single, ‘Still Alive,’ and was the name behind the Scream VI soundtrack, ‘In My Head.’ Given his versatility, he was asked if this quality helped him during his time in the band.

To answer the question, Shinoda explained that he often has musical ideas that he cannot execute alone. He would enlist the talents of other artists, such as Chester Bennington and Demi Lovato, to bring his visions to life. He noted that their wide singing range helped him fulfill his creative dream and made the creation process more exciting.

To deliver his point, he stated:

“I think I grew into it as a form of like – I mean, with Chester and, in more recent years, with some other singers with whom I worked, I feel like, a lot of times, I’ll have ideas that I don’t have the physical capacity to deliver, right? With Chester, for example, he could sing just about anything you’d thrown at him. And Demi [is] similar. Like, you can give her – Her range is insane. So, I can throw ideas out, and then I get to hear this world-class performance of the thing, and it just really supercharges the experience of making the song.”

In summary, Mike Shinoda collaborates with talented musicians like the late Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington to bring his musical visions to life. His ability to write in a wide range improved due to his desire to execute his ideas as well and properly as possible.