Mike Shinoda Comments On The Re-Envisioned Version Of Linkin Park’s First-Ever Single

Linkin Park’s main songwriter who streams frequently on Twitch, Mike Shinoda, took his official Instagram account today and shared his comment on the remix of ‘One Step Closer’ which was made by Laura Les and Dylan Brady.

‘One Step Closer’ was the debut single of Linkin Park’s first-ever album named Hybrid Theory which was released back in 2000. While the band still celebrates the 20th anniversary of the album which was peaked at 3rd position in ‘US Billboard Hot 100′ in 2000, American musical duo ‘100 Gecs’ paid their respect to Linkin Park with the reimagined version of the One Step Closer.

Today, Mike Shinoda has shared the re-envisioned version of the track and praised Dylan and Laura for their excellent work. After sharing the song, over 30K people pushed the like button on the post to show their admiration for the re-animation of the song.

Here is what Shinoda wrote:

“I often gravitate to polarizing music. For me, weird experimentation and unhinged creativity often lead to exciting results and new sounds. From the dissonance of the Bomb Squad’s production on Public Enemy Records in my childhood to the jittery agitation of Aphex Twin, to the chaos of Death Grips, some of my favorite artists are ones that aren’t for the majority.

I love that this remix pushes those buttons. Thank you to Dylan and Laura for re-envisioning our first single with their one-of-a-kind style. ”

You can check out the post and the video right below.