Mike Shinoda Collaborates With Trivium’s Matt Heafy On His New Song, ‘In Defiance’


Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda recently teamed up with Trivium guitarist and vocalist, Matt Heafy, as the producer of his new song ‘In Defiance.’ Heafy announced the release of his brand new single entitled ‘In Defiance’ on his official Twitter account.

As you might remember, Mike Shinoda released his latest solo studio album entitled ‘Dropped Frames,’ which was a multi-volume album, on July 10, 2020. Shinoda was also the producer of the album along with being the vocalist of it. He teamed up with different artists such as Ai Mori, Debbie Darroch, Jessy Boray, and Joar Westerlund with many more for ‘Dropped Frames.’

Mike Shinoda is also a twitch streamer and produces new musical projects during his live streams on Twitch. He created his latest work ‘Cognition’ when one of his fans asked him whether he could produce a calming and relaxing song or not. Mike released the song on a meditation and sleeping app entitled Calm which will be only available on that platform.

Trivium’s Matt Heafy who is also a Twitch streamer like Shinoda announced the release of his newest single ‘In Defiance’ on June 18, 2021, on his Youtube channel. Heafy collaborated with Linkin Park icon Mike Shinoda as the producer of the brand new single. The song was appreciated a lot and received very positive comments from both Linkin Park and Trivium fans.

Here’s what Heafy wrote in his Tweet.

“‘In Defiance’ produced by Mike Shinoda out now everywhere!”

You can see the tweet and listen to the song below.