David Crosby Says He Could Be A Judge For A Competition Show For Guitar Techs

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young icon David Crosby recently posted a tweet in which he revealed he could appear as a judge in a competition show for guitar technicians.

Jason Isbell, a successful guitarist, and winner of four Grammys, recently argued in a tweet that it would be great if Guitar Player or Premier Guitar could host a competition show like the show ‘Iron Chef’ for guitar technicians. Such magazines organize polls to ask their fans who is the greatest guitarist from time to time.

As you may know, in ‘Iron Chef,’ a cooking show, a challenger chef competes against an ‘Iron Chef’ for an hour. So, it would be pretty entertaining to watch such a show featuring guitar techs, the heroes behind great guitarists. Below Isbell’s tweet, fans agreed that this would be fun and said they would watch it.

Besides Isbell’s fans, Crosby also thought this would be a good idea. In his response to the guitarist, David Crosby said it could be fun to be a judge in that show occasionally. After seeing Crosby’s tweet, his fans also said it would be outstanding, and they would watch it. Besides, they shared their ideas on what the winner would get.

Jason Isbell’s tweet read:

“I think Guitar Player or Premier Guitar should do an ‘Iron Chef’ style competition show for guitar techs.”

Upon seeing this tweet, David Crosby responded:

“We could think up situations and problems… Hmm, it could be fun to be a judge occasionally.

One of Crosby’s fans said:

“Between you and Jason Isbell, there’s gotta be a network or production company connection. Hour-long episodes where four (?) have to figure out a situation, as you said. Do this for a season then the winners of each show compete in the final episode, the winner gets a gig on a major tour.”

You can check out the tweets below.