Mike Scott Thinks Taylor Swift Is The Best Songwriter Active In The World


The Waterboys frontman Mike Scott recently joined The Big Issue’s ‘The Music That Made Me’ to reveal the artists and songs that are important to him. During the conversation, Scott claimed Taylor Swift is the best songwriter in the world who actively makes music.

In January, Blur’s Damon Albarn targeted Taylor Swift in an interview with the LA Times and claimed that Swift doesn’t write her songs. Moreover, he stated that co-writing is different than writing a song, and there is a massive difference between a songwriter and a songwriter who co-writes.

However, it’s a known fact that Taylor Swift is the writer of all songs in her music catalog. So, upon seeing Albarn’s remarks, Taylor Swift posted a tweet to express her disappointment. She stated that she was a fan of Albarn until seeing his false remarks. Albarn then tweeted to apologize to Swift, saying he was misunderstood.

In a recent interview with The Big Issue’s ‘The Music That Made Me,’ The Waterboys’ frontman Mike Scott stated that he thinks Taylor Swift is the best songwriter who actively makes music. He then recalled Damon Albarn’s remarks about Swift. According to Scott, Swift is light years ahead of Albarn, so he should be apologizing to her.

Moreover, Scott said he bought Swift’s ‘Evermore’ album for his daughter, and he was blown away after listening to the song ‘Marjorie.’ He stated that the song is about Swift’s grandmother who passed away, and he found it so moving that he cried while listening to ‘Marjorie.’

In the interview, Mike Scott said the following about Taylor Swift:

“I think she’s the best songwriter active in the world right now, at least in Western culture that I know about. I think she’s number one. I remember Damon Albarn quite recently. I’m sure you remember too. He dissed her and said she didn’t write her songs. I thought, ‘You silly twit… You should be apologizing to her. She’s light years ahead of you.‘”

He then continued:

“I picked a song called ‘Marjorie’ from her ‘Evermore’ album. I bought the album for my daughter because she likes Taylor. I was blown away every time ‘Marjorie’ came on. It’s about her grandmother who died, and she’s singing about how she can still feel her grandmother’s presence and what died didn’t stay dead. I found it so moving.

I was sitting there, tears rolling down my cheeks, listening to this and trying not to let my daughter see it. I don’t mind her seeing me crying. She’s seen me cry before, but it was her record and moment, and I didn’t want to steal it. Oh, boy, what a song. And for me, Taylor’s work is a reminder that people are still writing great songs.

You can watch the full interview below.