Mike Portnoy Likens Foo Fighters’ New Album To Slayer, Motörhead, And Mayhem


Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy recently shared a post to reflect his ideas about Foo Fighters’ latest EP by resembling it to Slayer, Motörhead, and Mayhem, with many more on his Twitter account.

The comedy horror film ‘Studio 666’ featuring Foo Fighters members Whitney Cummings, Leslie Grossman, Jenna Ortega, Will Forte, and Jeff Garlin, was released on February 25, 2022, in the USA. The movie is based on the band’s creating their tenth studio album in a creepy mansion.

Later, the band members discover that the house is haunted and a demon possesses Dave Grohl. Also, they learn that a band named Dream Widow recorded a lost album there thirty years ago. Therefore, it became a primary source of inspiration for the band’s new metal EP, ‘Dream Widow.’

Foo Fighters shared the album on March 25, and as a metal legend, Mike Portnoy listened to it, of course. He stated that it’s incredible to see Grohl’s metal performance after his side project, Probot. According to Portnoy, Slayer, Trouble, Motörhead, Celtic Frost, and Mayhem were the influences of ‘Dream Widow.’

Portnoy’s tweet read:

“I already knew Dave Grohl had real metal cred from his awesome Probot album almost two decades ago, but it’s great to hear him flexing those muscles again. This album has shades of Slayer, Trouble, Kyuss, Motörhead, Celtic Frost, and Mayhem.

You can check out the tweet below.