Here’s The Pretty Accurate Version Of AC/DC Playing ‘Enter Sandman,’ Not AI Generated

In a world where AI-generated music is becoming increasingly common, a Finn musician named Otu is taking a different approach. On his YouTube channel, Moonic Productions, Otu performs Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ in the AC/DC style. Despite not using AI, he does a good job of imitating the band’s sound and style.

As Otu sings and plays guitar in the ‘Highway To Hell’ group’s fashion, his video titled ‘If AC/DC wrote ‘Enter Sandman” receives many positive reviews from his subscribers. His attention to detail in the vocal parts and guitar licks especially gathers praise. That’s why one fan’s comment on his cover reads:

“You are the Rich Little of capturing the sound of others, but you’re more talented because you can (some-freakin’-how) can play guitar, bass, and drums like them too. It’s as if all the most famous rockers in history were put into a blender and out popped you.”

Moonic Productions’ channel concept involves covering famous songs in the style of other well-known bands. So, there are quite a few examples of Otu’s singing as AC/DC. In another video, the musician plays a version of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ in the band’s style, drawing interest from viewers with the human element in his realistic performances.

The channel’s content isn’t limited to just AC/DC and Metallica, though. Otu also explores other combinations, like a cover where he performs the Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ in the style of Slayer. This video has attracted hundreds of thousands of views, while the comments under it praised the Finn musician for capturing the essence of the band’s music.

You can check out some of the covers made by Moonic Productions in the videos below.