Mike Patton Fears He Would Become A Vince Neil

Most rockers enjoy fame and success while young, but aging is inevitable. Even though older artists may choose to continue appearing on stage, their capabilities sometimes receive criticism. Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil is among the rockers who still appear on stage, but not everyone is content with his performance. In a recent interview with Revolver, Faith No More’s Mike Patton revealed that he feared he would become ‘a Vince Neil.’

At 61, Vince is still taking the stage and doing his best, but many believe he has lost the shape and form he had as a young rocker. The reality of Neil’s situation is evident to Mike Patton, who made an ironic lyrical reference to his deteriorating shape in his supergroup Dead Cross’s second studio record, ‘II.’

“What did I say again? I forget,” said Patton as he tried to recall his lyrical reference to Vince Neil and how his performance has deteriorated over the years. “Wasn’t I kind of making fun of him? Oh, yeah, ‘Like a Vince Neil who sings too many songs.’ Yeah, like fat and old.”

Speaking on aging and its effects on the vocalist’s performance, Patton said, “We all know where he’s at now. I’m conscious of that, and I also fear that I may become that. So why not talk about it?”

The subject of whether aged rockers should perform is still up for debate. From Mick Jagger to Stevie Nicks, many rock musicians still tour despite their old age. Vince Neil might not be as old as Jagger or Nicks, but for Mike Patton, he has lost the shape he had as a young rocker.