Midge Ure Slams The Sex Pistols As ‘The One Direction Of Their Time’

Midge Ure recently shared why he turned down the offer of joining Sex Pistols. During a recent interview with The Telegraph, Ure discussed many topics under the best title, ‘best of times,’ where he shared stories of his best childhood memory, the best day of his life, and such. At one point, the singer shared his best decision, in which he made clear that he never regretted turning the Sex Pistols offer down. He shared:

“I was stopped in the street by the Clash’s manager, Bernie Rhodes, who then introduced me to Malcolm McLaren. I didn’t know who either of them was, but they literally asked me to join the Sex Pistols without even asking what I did. To me, it would have been like joining a slightly edgier Bay City Rollers, so I turned them down.”

The musician, calling the band ‘manufactured,’ talked about the band’s popularity back then and resembled them to another popular band:

“The Sex Pistols were like the One Direction of their time. Malcolm was just looking for four clothes horses to wear Vivienne Westwood’s clothes. It was all manu­factured and put together, and that’s not what I wanted.”

The frontman has mentioned the incident many times in the past as well. In 2012, Ure shared what happened in much more detail, stating that Malcolm McLaren initially asked him if he could borrow some equipment from him and that he mentioned New York Dolls, his association with fashion, and that he was putting a band together, namely Sex Pistols.

Although Ure did not join the Pistols, the singer appeared in the same band as one of the Pistols. He came together with Glen Matlock to form the band Rich Kids just a year after Matlock joined Sex Pistols. The band eventually broke up two years after their forming, reuniting in 2010, 2016, and 2019 for one-off reunion shows.

Below, you can see one of the band’s early performances.