Mick Mars Is ‘Fantasizing’ About Hiring Slash For His Next Solo Album

Former Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars has new plans for his upcoming solo album, and one of those plans includes hiring the Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

In a new interview with WBAB Radio, the guitarist revealed his aims and goals for the next solo album. It seems that Mars is planning to take the music on his second solo album in a slightly different direction from what he did on ‘The Other Side Of Mars.’ He explained:

“I think of different things, I guess. I was, at one point, just kind of like fantasizing about it. I don’t even know if it would work. But I was thinking, like, Slash is a bud, and calling Slash in and going, ‘Hey, come on in there and goof around.’ And Doug Pinnick [King’s X], just to play bass — not to sing, but for his bass playing. And I think that the fans would kind of dig that, but I don’t know what would come out of it. But I’m willing to take the chance, of course.”

Mars Has Four ‘Thick’ Ideas For The Album

Although his debut solo album hasn’t been released yet, the rocker already started to work on a follow-up album. As he says, he has four ‘massively thick’ ideas. He said during the same interview:

“Honestly, I don’t really get music out of my head. I spend a lot of time down here [in my studio]. Already for a follow-up album, I have four really solid, different ideas from ‘The Other Side Of Mars’ — again, for the diversity kind of a thing. But I’ll tell you, the songs that I’ve got so far are massively thick… It hits hard, is a better word for it. I mean, it comes in and … your face turns into butter.”

‘The Other Side Of Mars’ will be released on February 23. Other guests on the LP include Alice Cooper keyboardist Paul Taylor, Korn drummer Ray Luzier, and Brion Gamboa, who handled lead vocals on the songs ‘Undone’ and ‘Killing Breed.’