David Crosby Explains What He Thinks About Taylor Swift

Stills & Nash legend David Crosby took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his thoughts about famous singer Taylor Swift.

As David has been doing a lot of question & answer sessions on social media for over a year, this time, one of the fans wondered what he actually thinks about Taylor Swift and Crosby replied with his full of honesty.

While David was admitted that Taylor is turning out better than he thought, he also praised the talent of the beautiful singer. This also shows that he didn’t put fate on Taylor in the early days.

Fortunately, David seems pretty fine with what Taylor is doing right now so he admitted that she is going better every day even though he didn’t think that way in the first place.

One of the fans of Crosby asked:

“David what’s your opinion on Taylor Swift?”

David Crosby replied:

“She’s turning out better than I thought she would… I believe there’s somebody home in there.”

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