Mick Jagger’s Farewell To Charlie Watts Using No Words But A Rolling Stones Song


Mick Jagger posted a video on his Twitter account that compiled Charlie Watts’ video snippets accompanied by the song ‘If You Can’t Rock Me’ by The Rolling Stones.

The media has been busy with writing about the death of the legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. While many rockstars, musicians, and celebrities expressed their sadness for his death, his bandmates seemed out of words. However, Mick Jagger posted a photo of Watts on his Twitter and Instagram accounts without writing a caption or a comment to accompany it. 

At times like these, although people understand that there isn’t much to say, they still cannot help but expect a comment or an expression of emotion. Recently, Jagger shared a video of Watts that made a lot of people emotional. The video started with Watts’ photos and continued with small clips of him and Jagger. At the end of the two-minute video, there was a photo of Watts’ drums with a sign that stated ‘Closed.’

The fans posted numerous emotional words underneath the video, but some of them stated their disagreement with the band’s decision to continue their US tour. One fan noted that they shouldn’t introduce the band because it wouldn’t be right as Watts isn’t there.

Here is what the fan said:

“I understand that you will continue with the USA tour, but please stop the band introduction before Keith go on vocals. It will be wrong without Charlie.”

Another fan replied stating:

“They’ve been doing those intros for 50+ years. I’m sure Mick will give Charlie an onstage tribute at each show.”

While it is a difficult time for the band, Watt’s family, and his fans, the band decided to continue their US tour because Charlie would have wanted them to do so. The band is celebrating his life instead of mourning his death, and they believe this is a good way to commemorate the late legendary drummer.

 You can see the video in Mick Jagger’s tweet below.