Mick Jagger Targets Ted Cruz During Rolling Stones’ Live Show

The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger heavily targeted Texas Senator Ted Cruz in his speech during the band’s latest concert in Dallas due to Cruz’s controversial visit to Cancun with his family. The senator also reacted to Jagger’s comment after the frontman shared these moments on his Twitter account.

As you may recall, people in Texas faced a major power crisis and electricity generation failure caused by three severe winter storms. Millions of people lost their power and tried to battle through water, food, and heat shortages. However, hundreds sadly couldn’t survive and died because of carbon monoxide poisoning and hypothermia.

Along with this tragedy, citizens were shocked and disappointed when Texas Senator Ted Cruz went on a vacation to Cancun with his family. It led to a massive backlash, and Cruz was accused of running away from the crisis instead of helping the victims. Cruz admitted that he made a mistake and his only aim was to make his daughters happy.

Recently, Mick Jagger reminded Ted Cruz his ‘unethical’ trip just before The Rolling Stones started performing their lockdown song, ‘Living In A Ghost Town,’ at their concert in Dallas on October 2, 2021. Jagger stated that Cruz must have enjoyed their lockdown song during his vacation in Cancun. Mick also thanked the fans from Dallas for ‘heating them up,‘ which might be another reference to Cruz’s controversial vacation to a warmer place during the winter storms.

Ted Cruz reacted to Jagger’s criticism by stating that he couldn’t believe that he received a shout-out from Mick Jagger. Cruz also added that this might be near the top of the list of things he ‘never imagined would happen.’

In Jagger’s words, he said:

“Now, we are gonna do a lockdown song that Ted Cruz so enjoyed in Cancun.

Jagger’s tweet read:

“Dallas on a cold wet night, you really heated us up!

Ted Cruz responded:

“Of all the things I never imagined would happen, a shout-out from Mick Jagger may be near the top of the list…”

You can check out the tweets and song below.