Michael Sweet Reveals Even Satanists Enjoy Stryper’s Music

Christian metal band Stryper has been known for their powerful lyrics centered around God and faith since their formation in the early 1980s. During an interview with Igor Miranda, frontman Michael Sweet recently opened up about the impact of the band’s music on fans from all walks of life. Surprisingly, Sweet revealed that even Atheists and Satanists have reached out to express their appreciation for the band’s music, despite not sharing the same beliefs.

In the interview, Sweet discussed the numerous messages he receives from fans on various platforms, stating that many have claimed Stryper’s music has changed their lives and helped them find religion. This feedback, which occurs almost daily, highlights the powerful influence that Stryper’s music has had on its listeners for decades.

However, it is not only religious fans who have reached out to Sweet; Atheists and Satanists have also communicated their enjoyment of the band’s music, even if they do not subscribe to the underlying message. To the singer, he’s proud of the fact they sing about God rather than what all other metal bands sing about with their lyrics.

Michael Sweet’s words about Satanists enjoying the band’s music read:

“Oh yeah, I mean it happens all the time, many times almost on a daily basis. I mean, on Facebook and instant messenger and, you know, emails and text messages, people reaching out to me saying, ‘Your song changed my life and made me believe in God,’ and then on the other side of that coin, there’s a lot of people that reach out to me who are Atheists and Satanists who are big fans of the band. They love the music and the band, but they don’t believe what we believe, but they’re still really encouraged and influenced and inspired by the band, which is amazing.”

He added:

“It always kind of blows my mind because a lot of people want to take a swipe at Stryper because of our lyrics, but when you really sit down, and you break down some of these other lyrics from some of these other metal bands, I’m proud to say that we sing about God and I’m proud of our lyrics because some of those lyrics are just downright silly.”

The diverse fanbase that Stryper has cultivated over the years is a testament to the power of music and its ability to unite people from various backgrounds and belief systems. While the band’s primary message revolves around God and faith, it is clear that their music transcends these themes and resonates with a wide range of listeners.