Michael Sweet On Finding Common Ground With Mercyful Fate’s King Diamond

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet and King Diamond of Mercyful Fate shared the same stage at Mexico’s Hell & Heaven Metal fest. They also had the opportunity to chat. And what do you think these rockers bonded over? It wasn’t their love for sick guitar riffs or bombastic drumming, nope! It was religion, two of the most iconic metal singers, talking about the Lord and salvation, as Sweet revealed to Eddie Trunk during a recent conversation.

“No. [It was just] two dudes talking,” the Stryper singer said when asked if they had any discussion over their varying religious beliefs. “And we enjoyed each other’s conversation. And if we were out at a restaurant, we would have hung out and had some wine and broke bread together and talked more.”

He continued, “It’s just interesting because some people from both camps freaked out. Most people were positive, but some people from my camp are, like, ‘Did you get to talk to him about the Lord?’ I’m, like, ‘Really? You’re kidding me, right?’ So I’m gonna go up to Kim and immediately say, ‘Let’s talk about the Lord.’”

During the conversation, he also detailed how the encounter occurred. According to the story, in early December last year, Michael Sweet had been eagerly anticipating his band’s performance at the festival in Mexico. As he walked into the dressing room, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the name ‘Mercyful Fate’ right next to theirs. He had always been a huge fan of King Diamond and knew this was his chance to meet the metal legend finally.

Sweet was really excited to meet one of the most metal figures on the earth. To his surprise, King Diamond greeted him with a warm smile and a friendly welcome. The two chatted about the weather, life on the road, and just regular stuff. Regarding religion and their differing religious beliefs, it wasn’t an issue of discussion or opposition.