Michael Stipe Shares Their Main Reason For Ending R.E.M.

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe opened up about the band’s break-up during his recent interview with The Bitter Southerner. Stipe shared the main reason behind R.E.M. members’ decision to disband after more than thirty years of playing together.

R.E.M. is defined as one of the first progressive rock bands in the world, and they received very positive reviews from both music critics and rock music lovers in a very short time. R.E.M.’s well-crafted lyrics that explored tricky topics like stereotypes and prejudices, iconic stage performances, and Stipe’s unique voice brought the band international popularity and commercial success. Also, they had a dedicated fan base.

The band released fifteen studio albums, and most of them hit the charts. However, they decided to disband despite R.E.M.’s success and popularity and shared a statement to declare their decision to their fans in 2011. After this announcement, their fans expressed their feelings about it, saying that it was too early and believed they would reunite soon.

Nonetheless, that was unfortunately not the case. R.E.M. didn’t reunite except for some special events and projects, and the band’s frontman Michael Stipe recently explained the reason behind it. He highlighted that they were too exhausted to continue after composing, writing, and playing for thirty years.

In Stipe’s words, he said:

“I’m very proud of what we did as a band, and I’m very proud of my contributions to our successes and our failures. Every single thing that we put out through the band, we thought at the time was the absolute best thing that we could do. I embrace it all.

However it was all-encompassing, and it was exhausting. I was really tired after 32 years. It was a lot. Everything has a life, and at some point, it ends.”

Michael Stipe highlighted that they couldn’t have continued to produce legendary records if they had decided not to disband and according to the frontman, everything has an end even though it breaks people’s hearts. It can be said that R.E.M.’s legacy was set in stone and their songs will never be forgotten by their fans.