Michael Jackson Was Involved In One Of The Most Unfair Trials According To Aaron Carter


Aaron Carter appeared on the Youtube channel of VladTV and talked about his relationship with Michael Jackson. Carter claimed that the posthumous allegations against Michael Jackson were unjust.

Michael Jackson was charged with child sexual abuse in 1993 for the first time. After the release of the documentary, ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ in 2003, the police decided to reinvestigate the accusations, and a trial followed in 2005. Jackson denied the charges and said that he wasn’t guilty. The police couldn’t find any evidence, and Jackson was acquitted on all charges.

Although Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, the allegations of sexual abuse came to light again in 2013 when Wade Robson sued him by claiming that Jackson sexually abused him for roughly seven years. The case was dismissed in 2021 due to insufficient evidence to charge him. The trial and the charges are still a matter of hot debate.

During the conversation with VladTV, Aaron Carter, who had a close relationship with Michael Jackson, stated that he was also invited to the court, but he didn’t show up. Carter revealed that all these allegations were just unfair after someone’s death. Aaron stressed that the people charging Jackson should have done it while he was alive as now it only serves to destroy his legacy.

In Aaron Carter’s words:

“I think they tried to subpoena me, but I didn’t respond. There was no warning or anything for my arrest for not doing not doing it, but they tried to subpoena me in the court, and I was like, no, I’m not even gonna go, arrest me because I know my relationship with Michael Jackson. All these people are crazy, man. It’s like, how dare you to stomp on somebody’s legacy like that. Then you have the audacity to do it when he passes away. Do it while he is alive, say it to his face.”

You can watch the full conversation below.