Metallica Releases A New Animated ‘Master Of Puppets’ Video


Metallica recently released an animated lyric video for their 1986 ‘Master of Puppets’ album’s title track on their official YouTube channel.

As one of the leading figures in thrash metal, Metallica has been on the metal scene for decades. Their aggressive sound and fast tempo have made them a notable band that continues to influence younger generations. Although they have released many successful records over the years, Metallica’s most famous one is none other than ‘Master of Puppets.’

Despite being one of the heaviest albums in the band’s entire catalog, it became an instant hit with fans. This album not only gained them an international audience but was also a commercial success. The rendition of the song in ‘Stranger Things’ solidified that the song was able to break through barriers and showed the power it had to influence the current generation of metalheads.

Following their song’s inclusion in the season finale of Netflix’s mega-hit series ‘Stranger Things,’ Metallica has just released an animated lyric video for ‘Master of Puppets’ for fans to enjoy. The new music video, created by UK design studio ILOVEDUST, has already gained over half a million views on the band’s YouTube channel.

You can watch the ‘Master of Puppets’ animated lyric video below.